DNS stands for domain name system and it is a naming system for computers, servers, services and other resources that are connected with internet and other networks. Domain name system is the most important and integral component for the functionality of internet services. The function of the Domain name system is to assign a domain name to the numerous websites that use the internet. Domain name system also provides the technical functionality of any database server. Hence we can say that Domain name server is very essential for the smooth working on the internet.

Check the options to obtain IP address and DNS Server address automatically. These are the common reasons for DNS Server Not Responding Error. To fix the problem on your Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you may apply any of the methods we are guiding here.

Check the steps there to manually change the DNS server. Just as it is possible that your local PC has network info (including DNS server IP Addresses), it is also possible that your router has bad info.

If disabling your antivirus fixes this particular Windows 10 Internet error, have a look at your security software’s settings and configuration, or try a different product. Most users who complain about this error started getting it after the Windows 10 May 2019 update. There are different methods associated to resolve the issue. And we will study all the methods for how to fix DNS server not responding in Windows 10.

DNS Server isn’t respondingon Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8 is very common for the Internet users. It prevents your computer from accessing the Internet. If you follow the above methods, your DNS server should respond without any issues. If you could not fix the problem, do not hesitate to comment below. Since then I had an error in windows diagnosis " DNS server not responding ".

Change Dns Server

  • Afterward, you only need to wait until the test of troubleshooting gets completed.
  • If you have installed an antivirus programme on your computer, then it might cause a conflict.
  • When you have faced the error on your computer, you should turn off the protection you have on it with security software.
  • At some point, the overly aggressive antivirus program prevents the device from connecting your computer to the internet.

I have done the "ipconfig /all" command again and now see that the IPv4 Address for the Wireless LAN Adapter Wireless Network Connection starts 192 now. All these commands will reset the IP addresses and also clear the cache of the DNS server. Restart your system, and check whether the problem is resolved or again your system showing DNS server not responding error. If rebooting your PC didn’t help, try temporarily disabling your antivirus software. Sometimes security software blocks your Internet connection, especially after OS updates when some settings get changed in the background.

If the data inside the DNS cache and the IP configuration get corrupted, then there is a possibility for you face the “DNS server not responding” error on Windows 10 computer. The correct way to get rid of this issue is to reset the IP and then delete data from the DNS cache. The steps on how can you do it is as follows. There will be various methods here, regarding how to fix the DNS server not responding error in an easy way. The detailed steps to change the DHCP client DNS server to public DNS server have been discussed in our article that helps solve Netflix error code U7353.

Remove Network Configuration Files

The DNS function is to translate domain letters and numbers into IP addresses appropriately assigned to devices in the network. In days of yore, ISPs used to do this to try to limit your connection to just the one computer. Nowadays, ISPs have, by and large, moved away from this practice, but it not outside the realm of possibility that some of them are still clinging to this practice. The solution to that is to spoof your computer’s MAC address on the router by ticking the box under Basic Settings that is labeled "Use computer’s MAC address".

Do check if both your system and network router have enabled DHCP. If either of the end is not using DHCP vcomp100.dll missing, this may result in an internet connection error. ) is a server system that stores data about domain addresses.