Play Again PYPEin  

Baby cries, war cries, erotic cries. You asked Fantasy Grandma questions about crying and they’ve got the answers here.

PYPO Original

Written By and Starring Fantasy Grandma





  1. Jenni B says:

    Dear Grandmas, My baby doctor told me laughing and crying are the same. Then she told my psychiatrist that I’m $%^&*-ing nuts, and then they took my baby. Grandma Jane, when you laugh, I laugh and cry, and when you cry, I cry, and laugh and cry some more. If my baby grows up to be just like you, I’ll be pleased. And Grandma Myrtle, you bake the badassest cookies around. And your grandbabies are really cool, and have a great record collection. Life without music is not living. Thanks for being my grandmas. Love, Jenni

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