Frequently asked questions about PYPO

What is PYPO?

PYPO is a new 360-Degree Multi-Platform Content Network for women who are taking control of the conversation. PYPO contains a mix of original programming, editorial content and a few surprises to engage, inspire, inform and entertain women. The PYPO platform creates a place for women who are looking for a new narrative; one that speaks directly to who they are, and what they want. Women are encouraged to PYPE in and be part of a new conversation, one that is frank, authentic and often humorous.

How do I PYPE in?

At the bottom of every article, there's a PYPEin box. Use it to leave a video (preferred) or text comment. This is a two-way street and we want YOU to participate. We put it out there, you respond. That's the gig.

What does PYPO stand for?

PYPO is an acronym for Put Your Pretty On. Co-founder Stephanie Laing, award-winning Hollywood producer and director, was heading out the door with her 4 year-old daughter when her daughter stopped to grab her chapstick and said, “Wait, mama. I have to put my pretty on.” That statement became a personal mantra for them and Stephanie realized that no matter what she has to do each day—or even what she’s wearing—she will always “put her pretty on” and take on the world.

What happens to my PYPEins?

Every week there's at least one original video and several articles about a specific topic. We take your PYPEins and produce a weekly mashup - a compilation of video and text comments that sums up the weekly conversation.