This week, our Guest PYPEin is from Norah Jones!

Norah Jones is a multi-Grammy Award winning musician and singer-songwriter.

1.What is your occupation?

I’m a musician.

2. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

Maybe a Bollywood film star or an Architect.

3. Who is the funniest person you know?

My friend, Sarah Oda.

4. On a plane would you rather sit next to the person with a raging cold, the nonstop talker or the person with a tuna and onion sandwich?

Probably the talker.  At least if they are talking non stop I don’t have to say much and can zone out every once in a while. I can’t handle weird smells on planes or the sound of other peoples snot.

5. What is something you love but are supposed to hate or things you hate but are supposed to love?

I feel like I’m supposed to hate the musical Cats, but I truly, madly, deeply love it since childhood. Saw it 3 times. I can’t wait for its return to Broadway. I might even dress up as a cat like I did when I went to see it at age 7.

Seems like I’m supposed to like bell peppers because I find them in so many dishes, but I really hate them.

6. When are you most happy?

When I’m swimming in the ocean.

7. When did you last cry?

A couple days ago.

8. When did you last apologize? And to whom?

A few days ago, to my mom, for overreacting to something silly.

9. Chicken, steak or quinoa?

Bone in chicken thigh with crispy skin.

10. How do you Put Your Pretty On? (How do you get your game face on, so to speak!)

I put on a real outfit as opposed to my house/neighborhood clothes which can basically double as jammies in a pinch.