We know, it’s barely been 10 minutes, but some things just have to be done, and this week we are bringing you the Best of PYPO. We are taking a walk down short-term memory lane to bring you the best content from the last three months. We talked, we cried, we made mistakes, we apologized, we got comfortable and then entered a love/hate relationship. We learned some sex tips from puppets and got a personal critique from an old woman. It turns out running is hard, marriage is hard, not getting murdered in your own apartment is hard, and, let’s face it, sometimes life is hard. But the best thing we can do is laugh about it and we intend to do just that.

Now, things are getting real. It’s time to shed the baby weight and cut back on those midnight feedings …even if the baby is still a little colicky come 4pm. But, we didn’t come this far without knowing a little something about indigestion. It’s time to pump those legs, expel the gas, and forge ahead into the exciting unknown of weekly entertainment. That’s right, PYPO is introducing WEEKLY topics straight to your inbox every Monday! But before we do that, we’re bringing you the best moments from our short, but colorful, history. So sit down and relax, we’ll do the rest.