There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. At PYPO, we often do both at once.

Yay for summer! Actually we’re meh — why aren’t we happier? The days are long and sunny, we’re wearing sundresses and sipping rosé by the pool. So why are we glum? Because we are heartbroken, confused and generally fed-up. We are heartbroken and frustrated about the worst mass shooting in US history. We are bloody gob smacked by #Brexit, Britain’s exit from the European Union. What the hell is happening in this mad, mad world?

There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. At PYPO, we often do both at once, curled up in a fetal position. There is a scientific condition, the pseudobulbar affect, otherwise known as “emotional incontinence.” This disorder is characterized by spontaneous crying or overwhelming episodes of crying and or laughing, or displays of emotion. People with thepseudobulbar affect might laugh uncontrollably when angry or frustrated. At PYPO, we’re proudly emotionally incontinent, so please pass the Icon Undies, amazing pee-proof underwear that we think is pure genius. (Attention to the one in three ladies who piddle when they cough.)

PYPO’s mission is to make you laugh, so here’s a little laughter to help you when you just want to find a crying room and have a good cry. What? No crying room at your office? Please step into ours. Our original series The Crying Room, is pretty damn hilarious. It’s so great that we’re even nominated to be nominated for an Emmy. Dive to our summer series and have your people call our people.