And we’re back with another week of mistakes (if you see the glass half full – our mistakes are not that bad and we want validation, and if you see the glass half empty – we make too many mistakes and one week just couldn’t cut it). Pessimist, optimist, taxidermist – it doesn’t matter, because we all make mistakes, but all mistakes are not born equal…enter, the woman’s mistake.

What’s a woman’s mistake? That’s a great question, because realistically there should be no such thing. A mistake shouldn’t be gendered, but within the ether of our pretty princess obsessed culture, it is. From relationship mistakes to work mistakes, it seems that women are really mucking shit up on a separate level from their male mistake-making counterparts.

Case in point, WedMD, the site that has given us the tools to misdiagnose ourselves on a daily basis, has a whole article dedicated to the biggest mistakes women make during sex, don’t worry they also have an article for male sex mistakes, but it makes for a very different read (There is also video entitled “Can I Lose Something in My Vagina?” And spoiler alert, the answer is yes…but that’s a whole other type of mistake). Back to sex mistakes, women ruin the romance by not initiating, worrying too much about their bodies, not giving enough instruction, and being closed off to new suggestions. So women are lazy, self-indulgent, unassertive, and boring. On the other hand, men’s sex mistakes include assuming he knows what she wants, being oblivious to emotional cues, and the blind expectation that he will give her an orgasm. So men are confident, strong and assertive.

If we take sex as a metaphor for life (thank you, Freud), then women make mistakes because they are unsure of themselves and men make mistakes because they are too sure of themselves. Is this just inherent gender inequity? Probably not, but since we don’t have time to analyze where our gender cultural evolution went wrong, let’s take a small first step – stop second guessing yourself and make more mistakes, the confidence will follow.