Our 24-hour hotline bling is still open! Confessions still wanted!

1. Man up, f*@k up, and gain more confidence. Who knew mistakes could actually boost your self-esteem?
2. Apparently, those freedom dancers aren’t that free. Take a lesson from our pigtailed friend and let it all out. You’ll feel a lot better.
3. DIC Wite Out is not a real product because there is no such things as a “woman’s mistake.”
4. What’s the difference between a “scandal” and a “mistake”? #quitcallingyourscandalsamistake
5. If one can get a doctorate in crying, can one get a doctorate in mistake making? If so, mistakes can officially be educational!

You’ve been PYPE’ed!
Now it’s your turn. PYPEin.




  1. Cathy M says:

    Ah, mistakes! Like thinking you can actually have a romance with the lead singer in a rock and roll band. Or that Oprah’s 20 year spread for older woman younger guy can really manifest a good relationship. Or that eating gluten free means you could actually lose weight. Or that wearing spanks is going to make you look thinner rather then stopping your circulation. Or thinking I might actually…this time…stick to my juice cleanse!!
    But the truth is, I learned from every single one of these “mistakes.” So, here’s the deal for this old girl…”THE MISTAKE IS THINKING YOU MADE A MISTAKE.”
    Hmm…how about that!! Cathy M.

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