“Sorry, not sorry” is a generic and often ironic apology to “anyone who might have been offended.” Translation: “Get over it.”

This week PYPO is exploring the passive aggressive or plain old aggressive phrase of “Sorry, not sorry.” On Twitter, the hashtag #sorrynotsorry has garnered over 7.5 million impressions. Obviously, the non-apology apology or “nonpology” is a very real thing. It is a generic and often ironic apology to “anyone who might have been offended.”

It can mean so many things:


1.) Get over it.

2.) You are a wanker.

3.) You actually probably owe me an apology.

4.) I have zero respect for you.

5.) I am an entitled Millenial.

6.) This is politically incorrect so I am pre-empting critics.

7.) I actually don’t know what this means but it’s trending, so I’m throwing it out there.


A quick online search shows that “Sorry, not sorry” is such a thing that there is a popular hip hop song “Sorry, Not Sorry,” a three-piece band from San Francisco of the same name, an improv troupe, as well as an IPA beer from Stone Brewery in California.

Perhaps women’s tendency to over-apologize just to be polite has given way to giving zero f@#$s?

Or perhaps we’re all tired of pretending to be remorseful? What are you “Sorry, not sorry” about? Are you a nonpologist? Enquiring minds want to know! #PYPEin




  1. Cathy M says:

    “sorry not sorry” …hmm…what I love about this is how often in my life I’ve been called out for OVER APOLOGIZING! I’ve learned over the years that if I’m willing to change the behavior that I’m seemingly apologizing for and I’ve learned from that behavior…then hell no, I’m not sorry. Sorry!

  2. BRITTANY T says:

    I am “Sorry, Not Sorry” for being clear and direct at work. I work in the media business, for a show where the male to female ratio of producers is more than 3 to 1. My manager once told me to “consider your tone” in an email where I had no tone, and was actually just being clear and straight forward regarding the topic at hand. What does that mean, “consider your tone”? Because I am a woman, when I write or say something, does it always have to have a smiley face or fifty explanation points in order to not come across as offensive? I am “Sorry, Not Sorry” for being strong, great at my job, and direct, just as all the men in my office are.

  3. Sara G says:

    Personally I find the tag a little disingenuous. I get it, it’s cute, it’s catchy etc, but it’s passive-aggressive. I’d prefer #noapologies or #standproud, or even a little convent school nostalgia with #nonestmeaculpa. I guess then I’m #sorrynotsorry for not digging #sorrynotsorry?

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