You’re feet might be saying more than you think.

Ever thought a poker playing strategy and FBI tactic could help you have hotter sex and a better job? Believe it, because apparently the secret to success is in your shoes. Feet are the most honest part of the human body in terms of nonverbal communication. So, if you are ready to cut through the bullshit, whether in a card game or in life, all you need to do is look down.

Former FBI agent Joe Navarro, author of the body language bible, What Every Body Is Saying writes, “Having conducted thousands of interviews for the FBI, I learned to concentrate on the suspect’s feet and legs first, moving upward in my observations until I read the face last. When it comes to honesty, truthfulness decreases as we move from the feet to the head.”

We are taught to use our faces to express ourselves from an early age, thus are more skillful at manipulating emotions facially. A “poker face” is one that does not express any emotion regarding the cards in hand. The lower half of the body is much harder to control because we are less aware down there. Even if interrogating high-profile criminals is not in your cards, Navarro’s method can still help you big time in high-pressure situations.

In an age where we are inundated with texts, emails, tweets and posts, faceless communication can be easily misconstrued. If you want nothing more than to never overanalyze a vague text again, start looking up from your fancy phone and down at a person’s feet.