Play Again PYPEin  

We hate spelling, but we love the winner of this spelling bee.

PYPO Original

Written by Nick Amadaeus 

Starring Paul Fitzgerald




  1. susan p says:

    Kudos to PYPO for re-imagining the spelling bee in the funniest way possible!
    Why is it that women write men so well and men well…they try ; )

  2. Kelsey McLaughlin says:

    I was probably more familiar with these words than actual English when I was a kid. What I’m trying to say is that I would have owned this extremely sexist spelling bee no prob. #PYPEin

    • Aryanna G says:

      Kelsey M…I just learned these words from this hysterical and apparently very educational video…what I’m saying is that I would have failed miserably at this spelling bee #repressed #PYPEin

  3. Elizabeth Thorp says:

    Okay why is it when a woman has a strong opinion or dropping huge knowledge, she is shrill but when a man is strong in his opinions, he is powerful??!

    • Julie O says:

      Fear of E-M-A-S-C-U-L-A-T-I-O-N.

      Confident men (and women) don’t cry “Bitch” when a woman outthinks them.

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