Are your mistakes making you anxious or are you anxious about making mistakes?

Are you constantly worrying that you’re about to mistakenly do or say something embarrassing in every single situation? Mistakes don’t have to be a big deal! With these simple steps, you can easily handle any mistake, tackle your anxieties, and stop worrying.

  1. Say or do something completely Examples include but are not limited to: responding to “What’s up?” with “Good, you?”; realizing that your pant zipper is down; typing “your” when you meant to type “you’re” in a text; or accidentally spitting on someone’s arm while talking.
  2. Assure yourself that it’s just a little mistake. It’s no biggie! Mistakes are a natural part of everyday life and everyone makes You’re fine! FINE!
  3. Begin to obsess about how everyone around you definitely thinks you’re an idiot for saying or doing that thing, especially that one very cool woman who you want to be better friends with who just Her laughing might have been a reaction to the joke your friend told, but was more likely due to your stupid mistake — you’re not exactly sure because you missed the joke since you were obsessing about your horrible, terrible, heinous mistake.
  4. As your brain starts to take off like a runaway, on-­fire 747 jet, make sure to stop breathing NOW is the time to hyperventilate.
  5. Watch as the walls close in on you and the room starts to spin around.
  6. Optional step: Break out into hives.
  7. Convince yourself that you’re dying. You are definitely, definitely, 100% for sure dying. Not that it matters because your mistake was so egregious that you deserve to die.
  8. Get ready to vomit on everyone. It’s coming … it’s coming … it’s coming …
  9. Magically realize that your mistake was not, in fact, that bad and that you will live. Hurray!
  10. Participate in normal human interaction again for about seventeen Then worry about your next potential mistake and start the process all over again!