It’s maddening that the United States is the only industrialized country where employers are not obliged to provide any paid vacation.

It is that time of year again. The time of year when you can get to your office downtown NYC, Boston, LA or DC in no time flat. Subways and metro are empty. The time of year when there are no Uber surges and you can get a 7:30 pm reservation at a hot new restaurant. The time of year when the House and Senate are on recess until September. When it seems like there is tumbleweed bouncing down your neighborhood streets. It is August and prime summer vacation time.

We’re no different than anyone else. Although we desperately wish we were French. We would be then called MVJS. “Mettre Votre Jolie Sur,” which is: “Put Your Pretty On” in French. Definitely not as catchy as PYPO. Why do we want to be French? Because the average French worker can expect 30 days a year of paid vacation. It’s maddening that the United States is the only industrialized country where employers are not obliged to provide any paid vacation. The land of opportunity doesn’t offer much opportunity to relax, rest and recharge, does it?

One could argue that taking too many days off or taking all your leave could hurt your career or chances for advancement. Wrong. According to Project: Time Off, a vacation can actually increase the likelihood of getting a raise or a promotion. Specifically, individuals who take all of their vacation time have a 6.5% higher chance of getting a promotion or a raise than people who leave 11 or more days of paid time off unused. Take that to your HR rep. What is truly disheartening is that 55% of Americans left unused vacation days on the table in 2015. While Jean-Pierre and his European pals basically checked out for the month of August, sunbathing nude on Corsica.

So here at PYPO, we are trying to be more like Les Français, we are taking our days off to enjoy family and friends, barbecues, beaches, s’mores, boats, fire pits, The Olympics and let’s not forget, day-drinking. We encourage you to do the same. MAKE AMERICA HOLIDAY AGAIN!







  1. Suzanne L says:

    I totally agree about vacation, but at the risk of being pedantic (yeah, okay, it’s pedantic), your literal translation of “put your pretty on” bothers me. “Mettre” is the infinitive “to put” and “votre” is the formal or plural of “you.” I think the French should read “mets du Jolie,” (MDJ) like the construction of “mets du maqulllage,” which means “put on makeup.” Also les français aren’t big on capitalization; they make names of languages, days of the week, and months all lowercase.

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