One day, when our founder and creative director’s daughter was 4, her daughter told her she couldn’t leave the house until she “put her pretty on.” Slightly freaked out, and not sure where she got that from, Stephanie watched as her daughter put her chapstick on and realized, in that moment, it would be her job to explain “pretty” to her daughter. A word inundated with cultural and societal pressures, a word that we all want to be called but not defined by, a word that to her four year old meant chapstick. Instead of trying to define a word, PYPO became their mantra for how they live their lives and give back to the world.

PYPO represents “pretty” from the inside out, however you choose to define it.



PYPO believes in disruptive, witty, and honest comedy as a medium for current conversations to be explored in a smart and unapologetic way. Whether animated bluebirds help you get dressed every morning and your life is all hearts and stars, or you drop the F bomb 25 times before noon— PYPO is your home.

Once a week PYPO will pick a topic for discussion and perspective. Monday’s PYPEline will start off with comedy sketches and editorial. At the end of the week PYPO will show you, our audience, what you had to say, what you PYPEdin on and we will sprinkle in some cocktails, animations and other fun things we want to share.

You will find us PYPEing in on our social media and hoping you’ll PYPE back both on our site and though social. Converse with us about each topic, tell us what you want you want to see and talk about.



From Stephanie Laing, an award winning TV comedy producer and director (Dollface, Veep, Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals) who has 2 Emmy® wins and 8 nominations comes a new kind of conversation for women with life-experience, hindsight, foresight and Wi-Fi— PYPO is not a typo, we are redefining the world in which we live in, PYPEin and join the conversation.

Stephanie was the Executive Producer alongside Producers Danny McBride and Will Ferrell on “Eastbound and Down”, The series “Veep” followed with Julia Louis Dreyfus, where Laing directed two episodes and won her 2nd Emmy. She is also the Executive Producer for the upcoming new Danny McBride HBO series, “Vice Principals”

She produced and directed her first film short, an adaptation of acclaimed author Patrick Somerville’s short story “Trouble & the Shadowy Deathblow”, starring Emmy Award winning actor Tony Hale, which won Best of the Festival at the Toronto International Short Film Fest and The New Media Festival.

She has directed & produced branded content and PSA spots for Benefit Cosmetics, The Clinton Foundation, Ann Taylor Loft, Viacom and more. Laing is passionate about her philanthropic work and is a member of the board for Library For All, and on the Parental Advisory Council for Understood.org.


We’ve teamed up with partner Susan Paley Fisher, a 15+year veteran in consumer technology and the driving force behind some of the most innovative consumer products and embedded solutions in the audio/digital audio space. During her tenure she has worked with global, emerging and disruptive brands such as JBL/Harman Kardon and Beats by Dre, to name a few.

Susan has created successful, sustainable businesses based on innovative platforms comprised of hardware, software and digital content to realize new paradigms for global lifestyle brands. She has applied this winning formula to global lifestyle brands such as Beats by Dr. Dre, JBL, GM, Chrysler/Fiat, HP, Quiksilver/Roxy, Nickelodeon and Universal Music Group. Currently she operates as a business strategist for early stage ventures and global brands that are focused on building entirely new businesses or creating new opportunities within existing businesses.


Our content creators and contributing founders include folks from all walks of life; award winning writers, such as Georgia Pritchett (Veep), Gemma Baker (Mom), Paula Froelich (Yahoo Travel) Lea Goldman (Marie Claire), Taylor Strecker (host of Wake UP with Taylor, Sirius Radio), Farah Abushwesha (award winning filmmaker, BAFTA Rocliffe), and our Editor-in-Chief is Elizabeth Thorp.

Our Creative Advisory Board includes Armando Iannucci (creator of Veep, In the Loop), Jonathan Tropper (novelist, TV Creator), Matt Walsh (Co-Founder of UCB, actor, writer), Morgan Walsh (actor,writer), Tony Hale (actor, writer), Tim Simons (actor, writer), Tony Roche (writer / Executive Producer), Greg Yaitanes (Director/ Executive Producer), Anna Chlumsky (actor), and Sherry Thomas (Casting Director, Better Call Saul, Vice Principals).

PYPO develops original content with Rose Byrne’s production company, Dollhouse Pictures, Reductress, Rocliffe and Silva Artist Management and Propper Daley Agency.