We’ve all made them. These omissions, slips, faults, and blunders help make us unique and hopefully a little wiser.

We’ve all made mistakes. There are epic mistakes like marrying Mr. Wrong or having an affair with your nanny, and there are little ones, like wearing white after Labor Day, ordering tuna tartare in Kansas or having that fourth margarita. Ouch. We’ve all made them. These omissions, slips, faults, and bloopers help make us unique and hopefully make us a little wiser.

With every job, man, girlfriend/boyfriend, roommate or friend that was a blooper, the vision of what you want, what is good and healthy for you becomes a bit more transparent. So picking the roommate from Craigslist who had a taxidermy collection and house arrest bracelet but a gorgeous Manhattan apartment was a miscalculation. The thing about mistakes is you get a redo. Even with the biggies! You can get married again — choose a new partner. Just ask JLO, she’s done it three times in fifteen years. And she’s hotter and happier than ever.

These oooops and bumps along the road lead us to bigger and better things. Ah, these mysterious mistakes and missteps. Embrace them. Learn from them. You get to roll again and take another turn. One of our favorite funny ladies, Tina Fey, once said: “You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the water slide overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.” So it’s time to suit up ladies, we’re hitting the pool. In a bikini, which may or may not be another huge blunder.

Our 24-hour mistakes hotline bling is open. You’ll feel better after you confess, promise.